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  1. What is the best cappuccino machine?
    I have been doing a little research here in Yahoo because I want to buy a cappuccino machine. Someone said an espresso machine makes coffees under pressure and cappuccino are made with espresso milk and are frothy, which the cappuccino is what I want. So do stores sell cappuccino machines or only espresso machines.? I would really like one that makes regular coffee and cappuccino’s. So much to know about cappuccino’s , lattes, espresso’s and the machines with pumps for the drinks. All the other questions about coffee’s are 3 – 4 yrs old
    I am sure some stores sell cappuccino machines but I haven’t found any yet; just espresso machines,
    I don’t want to spend more than $500
    Thanks! And thank you , Ken for all this info .
    Really helped.

  2. what is the best coffee machine?
    I’m looking for a good small coffee machine to buy. It needs to be able to deal with steaming the milk and filtering the coffee at the same time. A little like how quickly they would make a coffee in a coffee chain shop – fast without phaff! I’m willing to pay up to £700 for one but what I really need is for it to be small as I have limited counter space. No deeper than 30cm.

  3. Is the Keurig K Cup coffee maker a good deal?
    I recently tried a sample of these and though the idea of making individual hot drinks almost instantly was a great idea. Although, after looking at the price of the individually packaged K Cup pods I soon wondered if it was such a great deal. Has anyone had any experience with these machines? Are they a good deal?

    • My car dealer has one in the waiting room and I tried it once. It’s not as bad as many of the canned coffees (Folger’s/Maxwell House), but it’s not as good as fresh ground coffee.

      Even if the taste were as good, I wouldn’t buy it because it does cost more than regular coffee & it produces way too much waste. It’s like bottled water, you pay extra, create tons of trash, and don’t really get any benefit from it.

      If you’re looking for convenience & a great cup of coffee, you can always buy a small french press that is just enough for a single cup. The coffee will taste better, the press is cheaper than any “one cup” machine, it doesn’t take up any space (all you need is a way to boil water), and you can compost the grounds to produce zero trash.

      A french press can also be used to make tea & to froth milk, so it has even more value as a multi-purpose tool.

  4. i put milk in keurig coffee machine!!!!?
    recently i bought the hot chocolate pods for my keurig machine asking my friend she said it would be okay to put milk in it with the hot chocolate after i did that it starting smelling really burnt so i brewed a couple cups of water to clean the milk out of it I’ve brewed 5 cups and the milk is finally starting to thin out of it do you think i should just keep cleaning it out with water till theres no more milk or should i not use it at all please help me thanks!!

    • It will be very difficult to properly clean that machine. The milk residue will turn rancid and mold. Contact the manufacturer for cleaning recommendations but you may be stuck purchasing a new unit.

  5. What food or drink can you not live without?
    I’ve got a bunch of them. (One’s not really a food. But it goes in your mouth which is close enough!)
    1) Oatmeal (the instant kind made with milk)
    2) Green or black tea
    3) Kozy Shack rice pudding (in the individual cups)
    4) Apples
    5) Turkey sandwiches
    6) Gum
    7) Baby carrots!!!
    If I go a week without eating one of these, or a day without tea or like seven pieces of gum, the world will end! Seriously!
    What foods would you not be able to live without?

    • -Shredded Parmesan cheese
      -Fresh baby spinach
      -pre-cooked, microwave bacon
      -Mocha Mix non-dairy creamer
      -Keurig coffee pods
      -fresh shrimp
      -organic natural peanut butter
      -Cracklin Oat bran cereal
      -Panda Licorice
      -Spinach dip
      -Trader Joe’s Biggest Roasted and lightly salted cashews in the world
      -Trader Joe’s chocolate covered raisins
      -Real butter
      -Shiitake mushrooms
      -Wasabi flavored seaweed snack
      -Dried apple rings
      -Pom juice
      -Club soda
      -Cranberry juice
      -Diet Coke

      (optional but I won’t literally drop dead if I don’t have)
      -Blazin’ Hot crunchy Cheetos
      -Caramello bars
      -mashed potatoes

      I only kept going because I needed to finish my shopping list. But the truth is I DO need those things..all of them! I just printed this out as my shopping list.

      If you like oatmeal..Quaker Oats Medleys ‘Summer medley’, with big, full size dried berries in it is delicious..it’s in little cups. It isn’t too sugary, either..so good.

  6. coffee machines HELP ?
    i have been looking for hours for a pod coffee machine that can also make cappuccino and i have found lots but i want one with a lot of different pods and also quiet please help thanks

    • I would go with a Keurig and just buy a separate milk frother. The other single serve brewers produce sub par coffee.

  7. I’m not a coffee drinker – if I want to make popular coffee drinks for guests, what equipment do I need?
    So would I need an espresso maker? I currently just have a Mr. Coffee. And somewhere I have a milk frother, but this is going to be at the office, so I won’t really be able to steam milk. I thought of one of those Keurig things, but isn’t the coffee for them pretty expensive? Someone said all fancy coffee drinks are based on espresso. If I just have the espresso maker will most people be happy? Or maybe if I have several different flavored creamers? As you can see I’m batting in the dark.

    • Depends on your budget and how important coffee is to your staff. I would avoid buying a pod machine as the flavors get boring after a few weeks and the pods are expensive. I would buy a fully automatic espresso machine which costs about $1500 for an office if coffee was an integral part of the office culture. You don’t want a manual machine as most people don’t have good coffee making skills.

  8. keurig vs nescafe dolce gusto?
    im leaning towards the nescafe because i like the fact that you can make hot AND cold drinks, also that you can froth milk. my only other question is this: can you buy a “k-cup” for the nescafe. meaning can you buy a re-usable pod that you can put your OWN coffee in to make drinks with. i know you can with keurig, but i want to know if the nescafe has a product that allows this as well?

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